Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like.....

On the morning of Election Day I was taking my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Troy, on our daily two-or-so mile walk. I took a different road as a change of pace. As we passed one home I did a double take in a combination of disbelief and confusion. There, in a window, I saw a brightly lit Christmas tree. A CHRISTMAS TREE. At the time it was November 2. As if to color in the point further, later that night I was driving past a property that had a huge pine tree covered with multi-colored holiday twinkle lights. It was STILL November 2. Then in a few days, as a seal to the deal, I was flipping through radio stations and there it was. Bruce Springsteen singing, "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." Really? Much as I love to hear the Boss sing anything we had not yet left the first week in November, folks. What was the rush?!?!

I admit that my reaction was and continues to be a bit Grinch-like. It's a combination of things. First, as someone who tries to live free and in the moment, tangible reminders that the mainstream flow averages a few weeks ahead makes me frustrated. When I attempt to let go some, and not have a relationship to it, I find I'm still holding on and a wave of sadness washes over me. Sigh.

How about a focus on the time at hand? Thanksgiving=a national celebration around gratitude. Collectively, if everyone centered in on this element I can only imagine the co-created effect. I believe that reverberation to be extraordinary.

So here is my Thanksgiving wish upon a star. Take a few moments to stop and actually smell the evergreen tree. Stand in the appreciation of all in this very nano-second. THAT becomes the gift.....not those things purchased and wrapped and delivered and generally stressed over for one reason or another. Showing up in each moment is the present. Literally!