Sunday, February 15, 2015

Accountability Buddies

I have this amazing dog, who at 13 ½ years subscribes to the older and wiser school of thought. As he gets older, he seems to get wiser when it comes to me. Or, at least I think he does. Here we are in the middle of February, definitely poised into the flow of the New Year. And, what’s the one thing I made a promise to do more regularly that I have totally and absolutely negated until right this very second? Writing regularly is the clear intention that I made myself, him, all my guardian angels and spirit guides and even a few patient and supportive friends as the New Year ball dropped. So on this cold Sunday afternoon, when I’m preparing to settle in to watch a movie in my cozy living room, Troy Alexander Stevens decides to stare me down. He knows that enough is enough and if he doesn’t take a stand yet another day will go by keeping me from my main portal of communication, the one that will be moving me forward in a more brilliant light. He’s my accountability buddy.

Now, you might think that what I have here is simply a vivid imagination. However, I attempted to distract myself not once, but twice, in the half hour since the first stare down. There were dishes in the sink, you see. And, really, how am I supposed to concentrate on writing with dishes screaming at me from the kitchen? Then, there was the chicken. Truthfully, with me, many stories begin, end or feature a climatic bridge involving a roasting chicken in the oven. Troy loves roasted chicken. However that is another story for another day, save to say I had to get the chicken in the oven—for him—and, well, you know, that took a little time.

But, now, here I am writing. And Troy seems pretty darn happy about it. He continues to stare at me, lounging with comfortable ease from one of his two beds, this one just a few feet from where I’m typing away. His big brown eyes lock directly into mine and his ears are back, in relaxed satisfaction. Never mind watch dog, I have an accountability dog and I’m really happy about it.

We all need support in order to achieve our dreams and since one of mine involves writing at its’ epicenter getting down to it regularly is the task at hand. The human spirit is so interesting. While we often have our eye on the prize, taking the steps to walk right over and claim it takes a recipe comprised of intention, spirit, discipline, fervor, with a sprinkle of courage in there too. We’d likely fly right over to it, if we would just manage to take those first few steps bringing momentum and eventual fluidity.

The distractors, stories, excuses and drama that take us away, rather than closer, to our truth, authenticity, fun factors, exciting endeavors and dimensional adventures are our security veils. The irony is that we are protecting ourselves from, well, ourselves. Are we really that scary?

Who is your accountability dog? The one who doesn’t bark but gently nudges you with his wet nose into the direction you need to be guided. The one who sits and gently holds the space for you to step into it, hoping you’ll eventually get up off the sofa and get down and dirty on the floor to play. The higher self may say “Someday I’ll be able to do this all on my own.” Maybe that’s the goal. Or, at least, that’s the story being believed today. But until we get to that higher self- place, having an accountability buddy—whether it be of the two or four legged variety-can lead us forward with momentum and community. Achieving goals that are close to our heart don’t necessarily need to be all alone endeavors. I learned that in gratitude today. Thanks, Troy!! 